What are the main differences between living and non-living things?
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What are the main differences between living and non-living things?
in Biology

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The important differences between Living and Non-living substances are as follows: 

  • A living being has a definite shape and size but a non-living substances has no definite shape and size.
  • The body of a living being is composed of cells in which living meterial named protoplasm exists,

where as cell and protoplasm does not exist in nonliving substances.

  • Living being show movement or locomotion but non-living has not its own movement or locomotion.
  • Nutrition is for living beings whereas non-living substances need non nutrition.
  • Living beings essentially need respiration but non-living has no respiration.
  • Living being has irritation or sensation but this is not in non-living substances.
  • Metabolism is the main feature of living beings but it is lacking in non-living substances.
  • A living being has power of reproduction but the non-livings do not.
  • Living beings has definite life but non-living has no-definite life.
  • Living beings have life cycle but non-living substances have no life cycle.
  • Every living beings grows but a non-living beings doesn't grow.
  • Living beings take food from which they gain energy for life but nonliving beings do not take any food.
  • Living beings excrete waste materials from their body whereas nonliving substances do not.
  • Every living beings has a definite organ but a non-living being has no definite organ.

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