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What is Virus and Bacteria?

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Virus : Viruses are the smallest creature of the world. They can be seen only through electron microscope.

They are neither fully living beings nor non-living. They are think between them. They can not live on their own but can live in a living organism with which they can function and reproduce.

Many of the viruses caused dangerous diseases like Small Pox, Polio, Múmps, Influenza, Meningitis, Hydrophobia etc.

They generally spread through contact. Viruses are mainly of three types :

  1. Plant virus
  2. Animal and
  3. Bacterial virus.

Bacteria : Bacteria are small creatures but not so small as viruses.

They can be seen only through microscope. They have life. They multiply quite rapidly through simple fission or sexual reproduction.

They cause many dangerous diseases like typhoid, cholera, maler plague, T.B., leprossy, Diphtheria, Tetanus etc.

Types of Bacteria : Bacteria are mainly of four types. They are

(1) Cylindrical bacteria

Spiral bacteria

Coccus bacteria and


Bacteria are both useful and harmful. Useful bacteria are advantageous and harmful bacteria are disadvantageous for living beings.

Differences between Virus & Bacteria

(a) It is submicroscopic.(a) It is Microscopic
(b) It's length is 10 m. micron to 200 m. micron.(b) It's length is 0.5 micron to 10 micron.
(c) It has no cellular structure.(c) It is unicellular.
(d) It's shape is coil type.(d) It's shape is cocous, bacillus and spirillum.
(e) Only asexual reproduction is found.(e) It's reproduction is both sexual and asexual.
(f) It has the characteristic both living and non-living.(f) It's nature is similar to that of the living.


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