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First in the world (fale and female)?

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First in World

First in World (Male)

First Secretary-General of United Nations Trygve Lie (Norway) First President of United States of America George Washington First President of the Republic of China Dr Sun Yat Sen (1912) First Prime Minister of Great Britain Sir Robert Walpole (

1715 Pakistan's first Governor-General Mohammed Ali Jinnah

First Ethnic-Indian Prime Minister of Fiji Mahendra Choudhary First American President to visit India Dwight David EisenhowFirst Russian (Soviet) Prime Minister Nikolai Bulganin to visit India First European invader of Indian soil Alexander The Great First man to go into space Major Yuri Gagarin (US

First man to walk in space Alexey Leonov (Russia

First space tourist Dennis Tito (USA)

First man to set foot on the Moon Neil Armstrong (

USA) First man to fly an aeroplane Wright Brothers

First man to reach North pole Robert Peary

First man to reach South pole Roald Amundsen

First man to climb Mount Everest Sherpa Tenzing

Norgay Sir Edmund Hillary

(29th May, 1953) First man to climb Mount Everest twice Nawang Gombu (1965) First blind man to scale Mount Everest Erik Weihenmayer

(25th May, 2001) First person to sail around the world Ferdinand Magellan

First deaf and dumb to cross the Strait Taranath Shenoy ( of Gibralter

India) .First European to visit China Marco Polo First man to draw the map of Earth Aneximander First man to compile encyclopaedia Aspheosis (Athens) First man to win Nobel Prize for Literature Sully Prudhomme (France) First man to win Nobel Prize for Peace Henry Dunant (Switzerland) and Frederic Passy (France) First man to win Nobel Prize for Physics WK Roentgen (Germany) First man to win Nobel Prize for Chemistry Jacobus H Van't Hoft (Holland) First man to win Nobel Prize for Medicine AE Von Behring (Germany) First man to win Nobel Prize for Economics Ragnar Frisch (Norway) and Jan Tinbergen (Holland) First and only black man ever to win Arthur Ashe (USA) singles Wimbledon Trophy First Asian to head the International Cricket Jagmohan Dalmiya Council First man to hit double century in One Day Sachin Tendulkar (India) International Match First in World (Female) First woman President of UN General Assembly Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit (1953) First woman President of a country Maria Estela Peron (Argentina) First woman Prime Minister of a country S Bhandarnayake (Sri Lanka) Margaret Thatcher First woman Prime Minister of England

First woman Prime Minister of any Muslim country

Benazir Bhutto (Pakistan)

First woman cosmonaut in space

Valentina Tereshkova (USSR).               First woman space tourist

First woman to reach the North pole

Anousheh Ansari (Irani American)

Frances Phipps

First woman to set foot on the North pole Ann Bancroft, USA

First woman to reach Antarctica

First woman to climb Mount Everest

Caroline Michaelson

Junko Tabei (Japan)

First woman in the world to cross the Strait of Gibralter

Sophie Psilolignou (Greek)

First woman to chair US Central Bank Federal Reserve'

Janet Yellen

First UN Deputy Secretary-General

Louise Frechette (Canada)


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