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How many submarines of the Indian Navy?

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List of Submarines of the Indian Navy

INS Vibhuti It was India's first indigenously built missile boat launched at Mazgaon Docks in Mumbai. It is a veer class corvette.

INS Shakti It was India's first indigenously built submarine. The ship is one of the largest in the Indian Navy as it is 175 m in length and 32 m in width.

largest naval base located near Karwar in Karnataka, Kadamba It was commissioned in 2005, under the project Seabird.

INS It is India's

INS Talwar It is the leadership of the Talwar class frigates of the Indian

Navy. Its name means 'Sword' in Hindi. It was built in Russia and

commissioned into the Indian Navy in 2003. INS Vikrant The first aircraft carrier of Indian Navy was INS Vikrant. India

purchased the INS Vikrant from the United Kingdom in 1957. INS Mysore it is a Delhi class guided missile destroyer currently in active

service with the Indian Navy. INS Mysore was built at Mazagaon Dock Limited in Mumbai and it was commissioned in 1999

INS Beas It is a Brahmaputra class frigate of the Indian Navy. It was

commissioned in 2005. INS Chakra Il The INS Chakra II (K-152 Nerpa) is a 8140 tonne project 518 a

(NATO Akula II) type nuclear-powered attack submarine. INS Arihant Powered by 83 MW.PWR. It is a part of Indian Navy's Advanced Technology Vessel.

INS Kalvari It is a diesel-electric attack Submarine which is designed by DCNS and being manufactured at Mazagon Dock Limited, Mumbai. It is commissioned in late 2017 (expected) but launched in April 2015. It is Navy's six kalvari-class submarines.

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