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A scooter moving at a speed of 10 m/s is stopped by applying brakes which produce a uniform acceleration of, -0.5 m/s2. How much distance will be covered by the scooter before it stops?

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Solution :

In this quiestion it is given that —

Initial speed, u = 10 m/s
Final speed, v = 0 (Scooter stops)
Acceleration, a = -0.5 m/s2

And, Distance covered, s = ? (To be calculated)

 Now, putting these above values in the third equation of motion :

v= u2 + 2as 

(0)2 = (10)2 + 2 x (-0.5)  x s
0 = 100 - s
s = 100 m

Thus, the distance covered by the scooter is 100 meters.


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