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What is the Units of Force? Or, Write the Units of Force?
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The force is always measured in Newton and is denoted by N. 1Newton force is equivalent to the force required to accelerate one kilogram of mass, at the rate of one metre per second squared or Kgms-2.

Numerically, it is given by, F = m × a

Where m is the mass and a is the acceleration.

Some Other Units of Force are Given Below : 

  • 1 dyne = 10-5 N
  • 1 kilogram - force (kgf) or kilopound (kp) = 9.80665 N = 1 metric slug
  • 1 lbf = 32.174 poundals = 1 slug
  • 1 kgf = 2.2046 lbf

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