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An aeroplane plane is flying in a horizontal direction with a velocity of 360 km h^{-1} and at a height of 1960 m. When it is vertically above the point A on the ground, a body is dropped from it. The body strikes the ground at a point B. The distance AB is

(A) \(2000 \sqrt 2 m\)

(B) 2000 m

(C) \(1000 \sqrt 2 m\)

(D) 1000 m

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The correct option of this question is (B).

Solution : time taken by the body to strike the ground is given by

Velocity of the aeroplane in horizontal direction,

Vx0 = 360 km h-1 = 100 m s-1 

Distance AB = Vx0 × t = (100×20) m = 2000 m


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